HAL visualization house was established in 1997 and the primary area of competence is 3d Architectural Modeling and Architectural Visualization. Because we come from an architectural background we understand all the stages in a typical design development. Architectural experience helps us to understand all the design intents and manifest them in to the final architectural illustration. This is done from freehand drawings, sketches, detailed 2d drawings, draft's and layouts.
Since 2004 we have a strong presence in the EU market as an outsourcing company. We have been involved in various types of projects, ranging from residential houses, office buildings, shopping malls, sporting facilities, urban settlements and much more.. In this time, HAL has been involved in and produced more than 900 plans to date. If you would like to see particular examples of our work, please let us know your area of interest and we will be more than happy to supply this to you at your convenience.